The Musical Nose

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So What is The Musical Nose?
Click here for some musical nose examples.

You may have heard the expression "have a nose for something". This means to have the ability to sense or find something, such as news, trouble, gossip, etc.

In a similar sense this website seeks to be, in its own small humble way, "The Musical Nose" — to sense, seek out, find, and explore the many musical somethings in the ever expanding universe of music (music making with the nose included). That's what makes this a very exciting but challenging adventure.

As a diversion from the ever daunting challenge of becoming "The Musical Nose", this website also wants to have fun with noses (even non-musical noses) by presenting various articles, videos, and other websites about the nose.

As is probably apparent, this website is a work in progress. It is evolving and growing on a daily basis with lots of new content still to add over time.

Now with all that in mind, here are brief descriptions of the 12 categories (listed on the left) of The Musical Nose. Click Here.

Dedicated to music lovers of all ages, The Musical Nose consists of music articles & stories, profiles of musicians & composers, musical instrument articles, music fun & games, music education, and music gifts & products.
Mike Fallon